Friday, January 15, 2016

Bring on 2016!

Another year has flown by full of so many fun adventures and memories! 

I just wanted to give an update on our adoption journey.

In July we were contacted by another amazing birth mother.  We flew up to Idaho to meet her and her family.  We had so much fun with her - she was fantastic!  We hung out with her a few times and she was firm in her decision to place the baby for adoption.  She was still in high school and felt it would be the best thing for her and the baby.      

Over the next few months we got all of the paper work complete, lawyers lined up, and the plan in place.  In October we flew up a few days before her due date so we could be there for the birth.  Unfortunately right as we were heading up she was served with papers stating the birth father was not going to “allow” the adoption.  He wanted to fight for custody.  Their family lawyer felt they had a good case against him so we were still hopeful the adoption could move forward. 
On her due date we were sitting in the lobby at her doctor’s office, when her mom got a text from their lawyer.  He said that things didn’t look good and the birth father was going to continue to fight the adoption.  All of our hearts sank.  Just then the nurse called our sweet birth mom into her appointment.  I sat next to her as they took her blood pressure - it was extremely high…no surprise!  Poor girl had just had her world turned upside down.  She had a plan in place and thought she knew what her future would hold, and suddenly things were very uncertain. 
A couple days later we were there for the birth of her sweet baby boy.  He was precious and perfect.  We stayed a few days after he was born and then headed home.
Even after we came home for the next couple of months she worked with their lawyer to see if there was any way to try to proceed with the adoption but the laws weren't working in her or our favor.  So even though it wasn’t what she planned for, she is going to parent her baby.  She is an amazing, strong woman and I know she will be an incredible mom!  And we are so lucky to have gotten to know her and her family.  They will forever be a part of our extended family. 
And so our journey continues…
We anxiously await the arrival of Wyatt’s new brother or sister!!!  We know when it’s right things will fall into place and we look forward to the day we can open our arms and our hearts to another child and another birth family.
“Trust in the timing of your life.”

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